Supporting the SMC Foundation

The St. Michael's Cemetery Foundation of Pensacola, Inc. invites you to begin your membership today in Friends of St. Michael's. "Friends of St. Michael's" is composed of community members who want to support St. Michael's Cemetery. Your support of our historic cemetery allows us to provide overall management, supports restoration and conservation efforts that maintain the historic fabric of the site and promotes public awareness and stewardship through education.

Click here to get a printable Membership form you can mail to us.

Tax deductible donations to the St. Michael’s Cemetery Foundation are accepted at any time.

Send checks to:
St. Michael's Cemetery
P.O. Box 13602
Pensacola, Florida 32591

Thank you for your help as we move toward an effective management plan for the cemetery. At St. Michael's Cemetery we are not just preserving the past, we are planning for the future.