Aerial view of St. Michael's Cemetery

The Hidden People Project

Cryptic Message #2 by David S. Hinks Unmarked burials encountered during modern interment episodes and restoration projects, as well as information contained in existing burial records and historical accounts, indicated the presence of a large number of un-marked burials in the cemetery. Remote sensing studies also supported the existence of an extensive unmarked population spanning approximately 230 years.

The Search for the Hidden People of St. Michaelís Cemetery Project explores the relationship between cemetery and community via a multidisciplinary investigation. Changes to the physical and cultural landscape, documentation of unmarked burials, and identification of many of the previously unknown individuals who lost their lives on the Florida Gulf Coast frontier, help to better understand and interpret historic St. Michaelís Cemetery and its relationship to the community it serves.

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Historical Resources, assisted by the Historic Preservation Advisory Council, the results of this University of West Florida Archaeology Institute project help shed light on these many "hidden people of St. Michael's Cemetery."

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  • Chapter I - Introduction
  • Chapter II - Enviornmental Setting
  • Chapter III - Archaeological and Historical Settings
  • Chapter IV - Project Design and Methods
  • Chapter V - A Discussion of Transformational Funerary Landscape
  • Chapter VI - St. Michael's Cemetery: A Formal Identity
  • Chapter VII - St. Michaelís Cemetery Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Chapter VIII - Locating Burials in St. Michaelís Cemetery Using Geophysical Techniques
  • Chapter IX - Soil Survey
  • Chapter X - Into the Archives
  • Chapter XI - Conclusions
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