Conservation of St. Michael's Cemetery

St. Michael's Cemetery is undergoing restoration. This historic cemetery is one of the oldest extant cemeteries in Florida and is reflective of Pensacola's rich and diverse history. The role of St. Michael's Cemetery in local, state and national history has been recognized by the cemetery's inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places Inventory as part of the Pensacola Historical District (8ES36) in downtown Pensacola.

As is often the case in older cemeteries, St. Michael's has deteriorated over the past 200 years. Vandalism, neglect, hurricanes, natural aging, and the lack of a comprehensive management plan have all contributed to a physical decline of the site. In order for the cemetery to be managed effectively, the St. Michael's Cemetery Foundation of Pensacola, Inc. (which governs the cemetery) is in the process of developing a set of rules and regulations that will be applied to St. Michael's. These rules and regulations will cover questions dealing with cemetery lots, vegetation management, interments and disinterments, burial vaults, monuments and markers, headstone rubbings, special activities or events, conduct of visitors, vehicles, and traffic, and tourism. Recognizing that St. Michael's is an active cemetery, rules and regulations will be tailored to accommodate future burials and site visitors, while retaining the historical and archaeological integrity of the site.

Military volunteers often help with repairs

military volunteers Military volunteers

Shelley Sass conducts a cleaning workshop at the site of G. Giardina.

Shelley Sass

Damage Before and After

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