Aerial view of St. Michael's Cemetery

Lola Lee Daniel Bruington's Graves Registry

In 1938, Lola Lee Bruington set about to document burials in St. Michael Cemetery by recording the information on the tombstones. According to her notes, "The cemetery was arbitrarily laid off for convenience in locating a grave. See the map. Section A is the oldest and copied from the gate south and back to the roadway. Here are the graves of most of the settlers prior to United States posession. Section B, C and D were copied from east to west. An exact copy of every tomb was made although Bible inscriptions and verses were omitted. Divisions as to lots have been preserved showing families. Lot names have been copied when found. French and Spanish inscriptions have been translated."

In addition to the grave markers, Mrs. Bruington also consulted church and funeral home burial records. Her results were published in 1938. A second printing in 1986 included some limited additional information.

A digitized version of this 222 page document is available online in eReader format here. (Note that first several pages are blank.)